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Want the absolute best protection, then Extreme Safety helmet and face shields are your only option. We believe these are the only face shields and helmets available in Australia that are tested and approved against electric arc and flashover.

The helmet complies with EN 397/VDE 1000V, and the face shield with EN166-8 CE0196 1000V. These are European Norms, or Standards as there is no Australian standard for these items. Europe is at the forefront of workplace health and safety, and their standards are extremely demanding.

The importance that the helmet and face shield being of this high quality is evident in tests performed on them in Europe. A poor quality face shield or helmet will melt all over the wearer in case of a flashover, in which temperatures can reach over 9000°C causing much more problems in terms of injury than it was meant to help to prevent. Extreme Safety's face shield and helmet will withstand electric arcs and flashes and their temperatures protecting the wearer from burns, blindness and potentially worse. This face shield is used by Australia's largest electricity board, with whom workplace safety is of utmost importance.

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NOMEX Faceshield / Hood

The new arc proof hood is a great alternative to the standard face shield and helmet combination. The NOMEX hood is designed to provide enormous protection against arcs and comprises of 4 layers of flameproof material. The lens is manufactured from the same material as used in our 10ka arc proof face shield.

A video of these products being tested is available for download from the downloads page.

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